Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.’ #blacklivesmatter



'Lick your Lovers'





Sex can be messy! If you or your partner(s) are on your period, blood might naturally make an appearance when you’re getting hot and heavy in the bedroom. Period blood can actually act as a natural lubricant during sex and orgasms are known to relieve menstrual cramps and help alleviate migraines. Period sex may not be for everyone but if you’re curious to try it or experiment while you or your partner(s) are on your period please know that it is completely normal and natural! It is important to know, however, when blood during sex is no big deal and when you should see a doctor or reach out for help.



We are all dealing with the distance between our friends, family, lovers, and partners differently. It can be challenging to focus on the future while living in lockdown, and it can be even harder to stay indoors as the summer fast approaches. Here are some tips for connecting through distance: Respect your own and your loved ones mental health, take advantage of communication through tech, be intentional with the time you share connecting, and get creative! How are you dealing with the distance?



In these stressful times, please remember to be gentle with yourself and make space for some quality you time. Whether it’s taking a long bubble bath, binge-watching your favorite tv show, or eating something delicious, be kind to yourself and do whatever makes you feel the best.





We want to make shirts. Pass it on.



How we’re about to hug literally anyone after social distancing...



“Is it recording? Make sure you get this on video”



Please make sure to see the resources below if you feel you are in crisis or need someone to talk to. You are not alone.






Wrap it up, put on a rubber.



Many of us are missing the days of touching the ones we love. Whether that be hugging a stranger, having a hot make out session with a friend, or getting intimate with a lover, lots of us are feeling the quarantine loneliness getting to us. But in this time of social distancing we need to remember everyone is dealing with their emotions and circumstances in quarantine differently and that is more than okay. We will make it through this together.



'Pandemic Plastic Wrapped Intimacy'



'Working from Home'






‘Fly Trap’



In this time of anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty please remember that you are more important than your productivity.



STAA. SPRING 2020. Lots of new things coming soon. In the mean time, stay inside and stay safe.



Ask and you shall receive.





Valentine’s day might be over but the quest for self love & pleasure isn’t.








Hold on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



‘Holding On / If I knew then what I know now, I would still make all of the same choices.’





2020 might just be the year of the the first ever STAA. book ...



Don’t even lie, we all know there’s nothing like laying down in a clean bed after a good ass shower.



‘LOST LETTERS: I was young(er).’



Monday Questions, Monday Reflections.






Often, it can be hard to find peaceful moments in the day to sit without distraction and appreciate the body we were given. Becoming aware of the small parts of ourselves we appreciate can be a powerful tool for self connection and freedom. How and when do you feel most in touch with your body?



This Halloween will you be grabbing for the candy or the harness?






JOURNAL ENTRY 10/21 ‘The Lover’s Quest for Perfection.’



What is your favorite type of loving embrace?



‘Bathroom Narratives.’



Sometimes it’s just too hot to keep your skirt down.



Please remember you are not alone. Not today. Not ever. #worldsmentalhealthday



No shame in the period sex game.



Take charge. You make the next move.



‘Naked in Red’



Escape into the abyss of vulnerability.



Which of your senses are most awakened when you’re in the presence of a lover?



Global warming is the biggest threat to our planet, and it is every individual and corporations responsibility to help combat it. STAA. stands in the fight against climate change.



Who doesn’t love a post bath bedroom hangout?



‘Bed Bum’



‘This Body Is Present. I Am Not My Thoughts.’



Have a cheeky weekend.



Some sensations bring us more pleasure than others, a wet kiss on your stomach, a soft hand on your thigh, a bite on your ear. Physical intimacy can allow us the chance to connect, learn, and grow in ways far beyond the realm of words.



Trying to escape your problems may not be the answer, but taking some alone time for self discovery or going on a road trip with a lover might not be a bad idea.



How does your personal identity affect how you are perceived in the fields you are passionate about?



Head til you're dead.



Do you feel that it was a good thing you were friends before you were lovers?
Evan: Hell yeah, it made us so comfortable.
Kenzie: Yeah, but even when we met, we were instantly comfortable.
E: That’s because you did a documentary photo project on me. *laughs*
K: Oh yeah, I had to do a project on someone I didn’t know, and I didn’t actually want to do it of Evan because I knew I had a crush on him. But I did, and then when I presented the photos to my class, everyone was commenting things like, “Wow, you can tell he has such a connection to you” and “You guys look like you have such intense chemistry,” it was so embarrassing.

K: Because I hadn’t even started flirting with him yet!
E: Oh, you hadn’t started flirting with me yet? That is such a lie. *laughs*
K: Okay, okay, well, it wasn’t a thought I had fully entertained.

Do you feel you are in touch with your sexuality, individually or together?
K: I thought I was asexual in high school while in my prior relationship because I didn’t actively want sex, but now *laughs* I’m definitely interested in sex. Evan and I just get along so well, and we openly communicate.
E: Yeah, the first time we hooked up, I had like a questionnaire mentally. I asked for consent obviously, but I also asked questions just to gauge her interest in things.
K: He still asks, which is so nice because I think when you're with someone for a long time, you can get into the habit of assuming they may like or want things.
E: Yeah, and we’re also pretty verbal, but it's always super sweaty because this room doesn't have AC. *laughs* - Kenzie & Evan (she/her & he/him)



'Red Room'



What does comfortability in intimacy look like to you?



Make sure to get in some cute afternoon stretches after this weekend



With great power cums great responsibility. STAA COLLECTIVE wants to wish each and every one of you a happy National Orgasm Day! While sex should not always be goal oriented, we hope that you celebrate this amazing day by experiencing some connection and/or pleasure!



'Alive with Pleasure.'



STAA's ‘Bedroom Fantasies’ inspired by 1970s x-rated adult film posters.



'Midsummer Make-out'






Solo intimacy is just as important as the intimacy you share with the other people in your life. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest with your friends, families, lovers, and partners, as well as yourself, can help you discover new forms of intimacy that might just change your life forever.



Whether they’re sloppy, shy, or sensual, kissing can intimately connect us to our partners, lover, and friends, in ways words can not.





'Kiss the Poster'



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